Neomind solves customer growth for ecommerce entrepreneurs.

We’re here to help entrepreneurs and business owners unlock their full potential.

How we got here

After spending years in the marketing industry and seeing lackluster agency results, and cookie cutter online courses from gurus - we found that business owners are stuck. Without anyone they can trust. We believe digital marketing should be simple, transparent, and effortless. So, after millions of dollars in ad spend, we developed the Neomind Growth Framework, a unique method of scaling customer growth, that builds brand equity without being salesy.

What we do

Neomind helps entrepreneurs and business owners get more customers with social advertising, so they can have more freedom and focus on the things they truly care about - like making great products and helping their customers succeed.

Why we’re here

Our mission is to help 10,000 entrepreneurs grow profitable and impactful ecommerce brands and break free from group-think so that they can live life on their own terms.

Who we help

Visionaries, creatives, entrepreneurs, business owners, forward thinkers, inventors, game-changers. The ones who just won’t quit.

First Principles thinking.
Customer is king.
Less but better.
All in.
— Neomind's Core Values

Meet the founders.


Zenon Bihun

Co-Founder & CEO

Zenon spends nearly all waking hours working on Neomind (and also some sleeping hours). Zenon loves biohacking, reading, and cold showers. Zenon is obsessed with ecommerce, efficiency, and consumer psychology.


Jessica Khan


Jessica likes to build things and then make them better. She loves to share her latest deadlift max, even though no one asked. Jessica is fascinated by software, human behaviour, and the brain.