We’re a data-driven growth marketing agency

We believe in creating only one kind of advertising: the kind that accelerates growth and helps you take your business to the next level

Why we’re here

Our mission is to spread great products that can help people unlock their full potential. And we’re doing this with our growth marketing agency by creating great advertising that helps people discover and try new products that can improve their lives.

What we believe

We believe in creating only one kind of advertising: the kind that generates results for your business. We also believe advertising should be transparent, congruent, and agile. What people see is what they should get. What people read, hear, and see about your brand should be congruent. And smart advertising should start lean, gather feedback, and get better over time.

What we do

The Neomind Growth Agency is an 8-phase done-for-you marketing service where we’re driving new customer acquisition with Facebook and Instagram advertising and creating a high-converting ecommerce marketing funnel that’s fully customized for your brand.

How we got here

We never quite fit into our traditional careers. We wanted to do something more exciting, more challenging, and more impactful. So we set out to challenge the status quo and learn what it takes to make it in the digital world. Neomind is a side hustle turned full time obsession.

To us, Neomind is about creating cool things with cool people. It’s a place where it doesn’t matter where you're from, what degrees you have, or what you wear. What matters is what you believe. We’re on a journey together and we’re just getting started. We welcome you to join us.

Who we help

Visionaries, creatives, founders, entrepreneurs, business owners, forward thinkers, rebels, inventors, underdogs, game-changers. The ones who just won’t quit.


1. Challenge the status quo

We believe best practices are not always best. Industry benchmarks are... average. Why be average when you can be extraordinary? Why try to meet industry standards when you can create your own? Following the herd is boring. Don’t be boring.

2. Less but better

Keep it simple. In this seemingly complex world, there are only a few things that truly matter. We take on less clients, but better clients. The only exception to this is doing more of what works and less of what doesn’t. Keep the main thing the main thing. 

3. Evolve fast

Speed matters. The impact of our decisions greatly diminishes as time passes. Gather the data you need, make a hypothesis, trust your intuition, and take action. Analysis by paralysis is the enemy. Most decisions are reversible. Action creates momentum and momentum creates results.

4. The Goldilocks principle

Everything at the right time and in the right amount. Context matters. Timing matters. Not everything needs to be done all at once. Dream big, start small, and go step by step. Ask: what’s important now?

5. First principles thinking

Think critically to find the root cause. Learn the difference between signal and noise. Break things down into their basic building blocks, then build them back up again. Most metrics are vanity, and most things are not actually important.

6. Lean and agile

We think bottom up, not top down. We start with the customer and work upwards. The best feedback comes directly from the market itself, and is based on data, not opinion or authority. Speed and results are more important than ego or bureaucracy. The answer is always “test it”. Everything is a V1. Perfection stifles creativity.

7. Never settle

What’s better than a V1? A V2. Great can always be better. Stay curious and always be learning and evolving. Be open to new ideas and experiences. And be willing to throw out past assumptions or beliefs. We have high standards, yet we realize mistakes only make us better.

8. All in

Commit to whatever you’re doing and go all in. Fence sitting is not an option. We do not compromise for the sake of social cohesion. We are secure and kindly tell it like it is.

About the founders

Zenon Bihun
CEO & Co-founder

Accounting & finance guy turned entrepreneur & marketer. Zenon is obsessed with optimizing - literally everything. He loves pushing the limits of the human body and mind - whether that’s creating something new, hitting the gym, or eating chicken nuggets. Always up for a game of BR or crushing a cheat meal.

Jessica Khan
CMO & Co-founder

Jessica leverages her background in biology to develop high-growth marketing techniques and web experiences that influence human behaviour. She likes to create cool things from scratch and can be found lifting heavy stuff or rewatching sci-fi classics (for the thirteenth time).