What is Neomind?

Neomind creates online training programs for ecommerce entrepreneurs that help them get more customers, systemize life, and unlock their full potential. Our mission is to help 10,000 entrepreneurs grow profitable and impactful ecommerce brands and break free from group-think so that they can live life on their own terms.

We are not an agency. We used to implement done-for-you ecommerce marketing services for startups and solopreneurs, until we realized there was a better and more profitable solution for them.

As a startup, your job is to find product-market fit and an acquisition channel that can scale… and no agency can do this for you. No one knows your customer, your brand, and your products better than you do. We believe that entrepreneurs can acquire their own customers in a direct to consumer market, as long as they have a proven framework to follow.

So, based on years of proven results and millions of dollars in ad spend, we created Neomind Growth, a 6-week online training program that shows entrepreneurs how to predictably generate 50-200 new customers per week without hiring an expensive agency.

Unlike other generic online courses that only show you how to get more unqualified traffic, we show you how today’s ecommerce brands are turning cold traffic into repeat buyers - on complete autopilot. On the inside, you won’t find a single sales “tactic” or “hack” that only works once. We show you proven, scientific frameworks for predictable and long-term success.

Everything has been battle tested against different brands, products, and niches. And it works. Get step-by-step instructions, learn what’s working right now, and keep every dollar of profit for yourself.

Join the direct to consumer ecommerce 2.0 revolution today.

First Principles thinking.
Customer is king.
Less but better.
All in.
— Neomind's Core Values

Meet the founders.


Zenon Bihun

Co-Founder & CEO

Zenon spends nearly all waking hours working on Neomind (and also some sleeping hours). Zenon loves biohacking, reading, and cold showers. He wears the same black shirt. Every. Single. Day. Zenon is obsessed with ecommerce, efficiency, and consumer psychology.


Jessica Khan


Jessica likes to build things and then make them better. She loves to share her latest deadlift max, even though no one asked. Jessica is fascinated by software, human behaviour, and the brain.