Smart, sustainable advertising is the key to long-term growth

The brands that win in the digital age are the ones that truly understand their customer and focus on maximizing customer value for long-term success

And the Neomind Growth Framework is the proven playbook for achieving that. It’s the perfect blend of neuroscience, data, and creativity. It’s the intersection of brand and performance marketing with DNA rooted in direct response.

With our proprietary 8-phase process, we’re able to achieve unrivaled results for our clients without sacrificing brand equity.

how we do it

Proven industry experience & insider knowledge.

Gain an advantage over the competition and get results faster by leveraging our health & wellness specific angles, creative style, and sales pages. We understand your target customer and know how to communicate your product’s value, because most likely, we are your customer.

Modern full funnel approach.

We take a modern approach to full funnel marketing and meet your customers where they are in their journey. We help you convert cold prospects into new customers without sacrificing brand perception. Maximize your conversion rate and AOV with a funnel sales page that's fully customized to your audience and brand. And increase your returning customer rate with behavioural retargeting.

Data-driven scale and holistic approach to growth.

We take a data-driven approach to customer acquisition and scale. Instead of emphasizing vanity metrics, like traffic, awareness, likes, and shares, we focus on metrics that actually affect growth. Like conversion rate, AOV, and returning customer rate. We take your margins into account to set goals and targets that impact your bottom line and ROI.

Growth marketing team rooted in health & wellness.

We’re a small team passionate about growth marketing and health & fitness. We do everything in-house, so you’re not outsourced to account managers, copywriters, or media buyers who don’t understand the first thing about your brand’s customer.

THE Neomind Growth Framework

Phase 1: Goals & Targets

We agree on which products to focus on, set realistic targets and KPIs, and confirm the initial monthly budget. We set CPA and ROAS targets based on your margins.

Phase 2: Onboarding

Let’s face it - onboarding and sharing files can be pesky, but we’ve streamlined it to be as easy and quick as possible. What do we need from you? Two surveys, account access, your top selling products, and images and videos. Let us handle the rest.

Phase 3: Tech Setup

We ensure that full funnel tracking systems are installed correctly so we know the performance of every single ad, and none of your advertising dollars go to waste.

Phase 4: Positioning & Market Research

On top of our existing industry knowledge and expertise, we perform additional market research, product positioning, and customer research to ensure that your products resonate with today’s consumers.

Phase 5: Ad Copy & Creative

We combine the perfect blend of best practices, creativity, and consumer psychology to create attention grabbing ad copy. We choose the best creatives you have to start and begin developing new digital creatives. We write up to 16 unique ads based on our in-depth demographic and psychographic research.

Phase 6: Launch & Testing

We build out the initial test campaigns and complete a market validation test to understand how the market is perceiving your products and brand. We also set up full funnel retargeting to increase your returning customer rate. With relentless testing, we ensure your brand has product-market fit before scaling ad spend.

Phase 7: Landing & Sales Page Development

Once the top ad, angle, and audience are validated with consistent performance, we create a high-converting sales page funnel that’s designed to increase your conversion rate and AOV so we can maximize the value from each new customer and boost returns.

Phase 8: Optimization & Scale

Continuous testing and optimization of ads and sales pages is the key to winning the game of online advertising. We use an agile testing method to increase KPIs throughout the entire customer journey. Once we’ve hit our ROAS targets, we drive customer acquisition at scale.

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Who we work with

We work with health & wellness brands selling food, supplements, and superfood directly to consumers through their own Shopify store.

We believe that every brand has the power to influence the masses. And only the best ones deserve to win. That’s why we choose to work with brands that have great products worth sharing and uphold company values we believe in.

We work with companies that are prepared to scale to the next level. Their supply chain is ready to meet customer acquisition demand at scale, and they have a dedicated advertising budget that’s ready to grow, month over month.

We’ve found that the best partnerships are with established companies generating a minimum $50,000 per month gross revenue online. And they’re ready to get started today.

TigerFitnessMTS NutritionOh!minoDAO LabsStrong Coffee CompanyTasteaholicsRegen HealthOptimal EffectsBe Herbal

Our clients are...


That need validation, traction, and sales growth

Established brands

That have plateaued and want to scale to the next level

Challenger brands

That want to disrupt their product category and be #1

Growth agency features

✓ No set up fees
✓ No strategy session fee
✓ Month to month agreement
✓ You own the accounts, pixel, and data

✓ Full campaign setup and ongoing management
✓ Landing page and sales page development
✓ Ad copy and digital creative included
✓ Monthly performance summary

Simple, transparent pricing

$3,000 USD per month for ad spend less than $20k per month
$4,500 USD per month for ad spend over $20k per month

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?

Neomind growth agency is a growth marketing service where our team implements our proprietary marketing framework to help you grow your company faster than you can on your own. We leverage our Neomind Growth Framework: A proven growth marketing strategy to validate, grow, and scale customer acquisition on Facebook & Instagram without sacrificing brand equity.

Who is it for?

The Neomind Growth Agency is for seasoned entrepreneurs and business owners who want to break past their sales plateau, accelerate their growth, and scale to the next level.

They already own a health & wellness brand selling food, supplements, and superfood directly to consumers through their own Shopify store, and are generating at least $50,000/month gross revenue. They have a dedicated advertising budget that’s ready to grow, month over month.

How do I get started?

We start off with a 15-minute phone call to learn more about your company and goals. If it sounds like we’re a good fit for working together and if we can help, we move on to a 45-minute strategy session where we take a deeper dive into your current marketing efforts, essential metrics, and start to develop your growth plan.

What does it cost?

The Neomind Growth Agency is a $3,000 USD investment per month for managing ad spend less than $20k per month, and an investment of $4,500 USD per month for managing ad spend over $20k per month.

What's included?

Full campaign setup. Ongoing management and optimization of Facebook and Instagram advertising. Landing page and sales page development and optimization. Ad copy and digital creative. Monthly performance summary.

What isn't included?

Facebook Business Manager, Facebook page, or Facebook pixel creation and setup. Email marketing. Social media management. Amazon/Off-site marketing strategy. Ad lib sales pages. Support calls. One off consulting or audits. Shopify store development. Influencer marketing.